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  • Who The Fuck is Alice? new artswork AND THE SODDING LINE-UP

    Happy Easter to all of you crazy kids who have supported, loved and/or hated everything that we have done at Needless Alley so far.

    We have celebrating almost TWO YEARS since we started our very first project. Jesus, are we bored yet?

    We will celebrate properly at next month's WHO THE FUCK IS ALICE? event, which just got a brand new and (better?) art-work revealed. Do you like it? We think it is a bit of an upgrade from the last one, which was lovely as well. But this one has a bit more an edge to it and represents the event in a much better fashion, we feel.

    ANYWAY, we have another special Easter egg for you! OUR OFFICIAL LINE-UP!!

    Main DJ sets from:

    Jonathan Kemp



    Performances from

    FOXYandHUSK with a brand new and unseen piece

    Sara Zaltash with SEX SEX SEX

    Alex Swift with Travestry

    Needless Alley with In Embryo

    + TWO SURPRISE ACTS (which will only be revealed on the night)

    DATE: 16th May, 8pm at VOGUE Fabrics in Dalston.

    Fuck. This is intense. And FUN. We are so excited to show the new work from these artists. Most of it is all new to London audiences and we have our Foxy back again with us, which fills us with joy!

    We will start to publish information on each act and their work in the weeks leading up to the event so keep your eyes peeled. There is also a facebook page for the event, where you can 'like' and receive all the relevant info onto your newsfeed. Hey! Yes. It's here: FACEBOOK PAGE

    Just one final thing: our new DJ, DP, is new to the scene and the art of DJing, however, you do know him, very well in fact. More on who he is, very very soon. Expect the unexpected!

    Lots of Easter love x



  • In Embryo new dates, including Roundhouse in Camden and Chichester

    In Embryo

    This performance is a reflexion of potential sustainable models of a living collective society. Hierarchy is questionned, as concepts of shared knowledge, space and practices help us evolve in a fluid constructive way. No one wins, no one loses. As performers we learn to maintain our individuality, but are influenced and learn from the collective, there is a shared "desire"/goal" which brings us together.

    Development time will be done throughout May and June and we will be popping up in the following places, to show work in progress versions of the show:

    The first few dates are as follows:

    16th May, 9pm - Vogue Fabrics

    24th May, 2.30pm - Roundhouse, Camden

    14th June - Chichester University, as part of the Performing Place #2 Symposium (video documentation and presentation)

    Others are in the pipeline, but we will let you know very, very soon.

    All information will be available soon through the In Embryo page: www.needlessalley.co.uk/in-embryo



  • WHo The Fuck is Alice? new date

    It is coming back again. Third time around.

    SAVE THE FUCKING DATE: 16th May 2014, doors open 8pm till 3am!

    This time, we are bigger. Much bigger.

    And because we are bigger, we wanted to make sure we had something special for you all.

    So keep an eye out. Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing all the acts, new design, new support network, new everything amazing. Just new stuff.

    You can also join the Facebook page to hear all the news straight onto your facebook feed: https://www.facebook.com/WTFIA



  • In Embryo scratch performance at Battersea Arts Centre

    Our new project, in collaboration with the excellent $hit$ is called In Embryo and will have its' first outing at Battersea Arts Centre this Wednesday 5th.

    Mixing the band's moody and atmospheric sounds to Needless Alley's performance making techniques, In Embryo is an exploration of narrative. Using constant improvisation and collaboration, different art forms collide on stage whilst responding to the same theme, in search of a storyline.

    Performers: Nihaarika Negi, Karine Rathle, Xavier de Sousa, $hift$

    Have a look at a quick rehearsal footage here: https://vimeo.com/85494525

    AND buy your tickets here: https://www.bac.org.uk/content/31730/see_whats_on/current_shows/cook_up/freshly_scratched



  • Who The Fuck is Alice? returns to Vogue Fabrics!

    After an initial event back in September, which culminated with an awesome amount of cash raised for Oxjam festival (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO), we are BACK at that gorgeously seedy cult-club Vogue Fabrics to showcase an evening of astonishingly good performances and DJ sets.

    Curated by our Needless Alley's Director, Xavier de Sousa, this promises to be a fantastic and fun evening with some of the best artists around. And THIS TIME, all the acts are DJing through the event, until Holestar takes over!

    Get your tickets here: WHO THE FUCK IS ALICE? at Vogue Fabrics

    Have a look at our line-up (click on names for their websites):


    Blurring boundaries between the avant-garde and mass entertainment, pop culture and the underground through music & performance.

    A multi-talented biological woman and former British soldier with an MA in Fine Arts, Holestar has been entertaining, DJing and showing off since giving birth to her gender bending persona while living in Vienna in 2003.

    Holestar is also showing her one-woman show "Sorry I'm A Lady" at Vogue Fabrics in February, as well as hosting the new RuPaul Drag Race Season 6!


    Lucy Hutson is interested in making work that questions human nature. She works with found objects and unloved artefacts, in the genres of intervention, installation, one-on-one and solo shows. coming up. Coming up, she has:

    If you want bigger Yorkshire puddings you need a bigger tin 7th march Brighton Malbourgh &14th april Colchester Art centre

    Brittney spears custody battle vs Zues in swan rape shocker 18th to 22nd march The Yard, london Women's institute vs grinder 8th march Reading


    Figs in Wigs are an all female, five strong performance company who make work that is a unique mix of theatre, dance and comedy. Our shows are refreshingly surreal, absurdly comic and always aware of their own theatricality.

    Upcoming performances:

    She Grrrowls - 17th February - The Gallery Café, Bethnal Green

    We, Object as part of Pink Fringe for International Women's Day - 7th March - The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton


    Sh!t Theatre are Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit. They have been writing, performing and signing on together since May 2010. They have shown their work nationally and internationally and were the recipients of the Total Theatre Award 2013 for 'Emerging Company' and an Arches Brick Award.

    What we will do: Women’s hour – I’M FINE! – Women’s Hour. First on Women’s Hour: Men. Then us. Women’s Hour. Later on Women’s Hour: Ankle Socks? Women’s Hour.

    Upcoming performances:

    Job Seekers Anonymous 2014 at the Chelsea Theatre 7th-8th February;

    Guinea Pigs on Trial at The Yard Theatre (work-in-progress) 25th Feb-1st March;

    Women's Hour at Pink Fringe, Brighton (work-in-progress) 6th March.


    Performance and game maker Ellie is the founder of StampCollective (who have just completed a show at City Hall). They have made work for Southbank Centre, The Bush Theatre and Theatre Delicatessen’s Marylebone Gardens, Hoxton Hall, Stoke Newington International Airport, Hackney Downs Studios and the Winter Gardens Margate. Her last piece “This is not you this is just a story” was part of SOBjectivity:objects, electronics and the (dis)embodying body at Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn, New York

    For our event she will be showcasing an exclusive preview of her new show Are You Lonesome Tonight?, which will open in March at The Yard Theatre.




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